Thursday, December 17, 2009

+Kitchen Reno - Kitchen Island...on a budget

You remembered that we bought our solid wood kitchen cabinets from an auction for less than $2000CAD? Well, an island didn't come with it. So, we had to be creative but keep within budget. There is just as much to consider when thinking about the kitchen island. The island can easily become the hallmark of your kitchen so careful thoughts must be put into it just as much as you did into the rest of the kitchen.

We needed more prep-space and more we needed to add something in the middle now that we liberated our kitchen from the old 1980s peninsula-style. Did I mentioned we needed to stay on budget? - less than $300CAD. Who's laughing? It's possible. Sounds like another DIY project....

...and TADA ! This is what my husband and I came up with.
What we spent:
2 x metal chrome shelves (24"x48") - $40 each = $80
2 x metal chrome posts (72") - $12 each = $24
1 x set of 4 caster wheels (5") - $55 = $55
1 x Ikea liquidated butcher top (26"x50") - $100 = $100
Some sweat equity
TOTAL SPENT (before taxes): $259 CAD

We needed more prep & counter-top spaces - GOT IT!
We needed more storage - GOT IT!
We (ok, I) wanted it on wheels - GOT IT! 'cause I am nuts about caster wheels
We (ok, I) wanted the industrial look - GOT IT!
Simple, eh?


Anonymous said...

The island looks great, where did you purchase the chrome shelves, posts and wheels?

Paco+Lupe said...

We bought the chrome shelves, posts, wheels...from MONAS in Montreal. They are a restaurant equipment store.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! Also, do you mind if ask how you secured the counter top? I am stuck on that. Thanks again.

Paco+Lupe said...

That was tricky but thank goodness my hubby is an engineering nerd. Best to take a photo of it and show you instead. I'll post the respond within a few days, if you don't mind, this way you can visualize the solution. Kinda hard to explain in words. Stay tune.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!